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Philosophy Our work philosophy since the beginning of our activity has always been to develop our task in the most professional, objective and honest way possible to guarantee the quality of our investigatory work embodied in technical reports. The analysis of every evidence found in the scene is done with most thoroughness and applying qualitative and quantitative studies in all of them. When our interests and our investigation outcome require it, we work with independent laboratories and professionals of prestige in the detected type of ignition.

Our commitment with our clients regards not only the quality of our investigations and their everyday improvement, but also the best relationship possible with the company staff, such as experts, people responsible of the proceedings and policy holders. Moreover we try to collaborate in the incident management so that it is as quick and efficient as possible, fulfilling deadlines and standards.

Synthesis staff, management, technical direction and investigators work every day to achieve all these goals.
Patio de luces
Se nos solicita la investigación de “Origen” y “Causas” de una explosión de gas con posterior incendio, que tuvo lugar en torno a las 07:00 horas del 22 de Mayo de 2010, en una vivienda sita en la calle Gran Vía 25 de Logroño (La Rioja).
Restaurante y Bodega
El día 7 de noviembre de 2011, se nos ha solicitado la investigación del incendio que se produjo sobre las 5 de la madrugada en la bodega que Señorío de Villarrica tiene en Hervías (La Rioja).