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Investigation services

Investigation of gas poisoning, explosion and fire incidents.

Investigation of gas poisoning, explosion and fire incidents.

We investigate “origin” and “cause” in gas poisoning, explosion and fire incidents in any kind of scene, such as buildings, industrial premises, community or historical buildings, houses, offices, parking areas, forests, wind turbines, solar parks, turbines, ships of different sizes, all kind of motor and electric engine vehicles, etc.

Every investigation is described in an advanced report in less than 72 hours after it was started, and once it is finished the investigator starts writing the final technical report. We count on the external collaboration of laboratories and high-qualified professionals for every type of ignition detected by our investigators.

All our investigators and collaborators have the experience and capacity to defend their work before a court.
Analysis of explosion and fire hazard

Analysis of explosion and fire hazard

We also offer studies of possible fire hazards at the premises through inspection and search for potential ignition sources, with a technical report about the risk state.

As a support on the safety preventive work against fire that must be implemented in the company. Our main goal is to offer relief through the identification of the fire risk and its neutralization.

This risk inspection and neutralization work must be the beginning of the implementation of a protocol of “Prevention and Safety against Fire” that must be applied to the general functioning of any company. Therefore we also offer theoretical-practical training courses to the company staff responsible of it.


Synthesis Investigación de Siniestros training is divided in two different fields: training for the investigators, through a Master in Fire Investigation and courses on it; and occasionally and required by the companies, courses on explosion and fire risk prevention, which main objective is to train the maintenance workers of the companies in the prevention of these risks. This preventive training would be a complement of the hazard study service, although it is not an obligatory step.

We have a Training Centre with computing and technical resources. The training is mainly practical and focused on the professionals in charge of managing and preventing this type of hazards.
Imágen de la densa humareda desde el exterior de la nave.
Recibimos el encargo al día siguiente del incendio que ha destruido por completo la factoría cárnica. La finalización de las labores de extinción marcan el momento de entrada al escenario de un siniestro, y más en uno de ésta magnitud y con el riesgo de afectación del depósito de amoniaco.
Detalle de la investigación 2
El día 20 de enero de 2010, se nos ha solicita la investigación del incendio que se produjo aproximadamente a las once y media de la mañana en Vega del Ciego (situado en el tramo entre Campomanes y Pola de Lena de las obras de la Variante de Pajares).