History Félix César Alonso Moreno, Spanish Militarized Police Non-commissioned Officer and specialist in criminology and investigation of fire and explosion, has worked in Units of Judicial Police and Criminalistics since 1979, and in 1988 he started being in charge of these Units. In 1997 he decided to ask for a period of leave to found the company engaged in the investigation of origin and cause of incidents of fire and dust and gas explosion called Synthesis Investigación de Siniestros S.L.

As the investigation of fire, dust and gas explosion is a multidisciplinary activity, where it is highly important to carry out a perfect organized detailed visual inspection in any kind of scenes, Synthesis Investigación de Siniestros S.L. decides that most of its staff must come from the Police Force and have taken part in Departments working on this type of investigation besides criminal investigation. Finally they also have to meet or exceed the company standards.

Nowadays it has a team of seven investigators in its six branch offices throughout the country, including the Canary Islands; and a management team with three people in its headquarters in Logroño (La Rioja). All of them, together with the Manager and Technical Director, are able to offer their services throughout the country.

The honesty, capacity and professionalism of Synthesis Investigación de Siniestros S.L. staff, proven along its history serving its clients, have consolidated it as a reliable and leader company of its sector.

Along the last years our company has achieved that most of the insurance companies rely on us for the investigation of their incidents, having investigated more than 3.300 cases, with a 45% annual growth. In fact we have worked in the investigation of incidents with high public attention, such as the explosion in Cafetería Cappuccino in Palma de Mallorca, the fire in Windsor Tower in Madrid, the fire in Palacio de Deportes in Madrid, the gas explosion in Palencia, etc. advising and even visiting other countries in the European Union and South America.

Our goals are to continue with our growth in order to offer better services to our clients sticking to the principles of objectivity, honesty and professionalism, our features since the beginning.
Synthesis se desplaza hasta Ecuador por la explosión e incendio de una fábrica
Contiuando con nuestros trabajos por el Continente Americano, un equipo de Synthesis viajó hasta Ecuador para la investigación del siniestro ocurrido en una fábrica de Guayaquil. En la misma se produjo inicialmente una deflagración y posteriormente un incendio que causaron muchos daños en los edificios aledaños a la fábrica.

Para la realización del trabajo de campo contó con la colaboración de las autoridades locales y de otros investigadores ecuatorianos.
Inmueble de Apartamentos "JAI ALAI" de Laredo (Cantabria)
Esta Investigación sobre el “Origen” y la “Causa” desencadenante de este Siniestro de Explosión de Gas Propano” canalizado, con el resultado de seis fallecidos y nueve heridos de diferente consideración.